User Interfaces


The PC software is a Windows 7-10 small app that works as a simple configuration and display tool for any REC BMS system. It supports a standalone BMS or a large network of connected devices, simply by selecting the device address you wish to connect to. It includes an RS-485 to USB cable that, when plugged in to a PC acts as a VCP or virtual com port. If you wish to configure and monitor your BMS using a Web browser you may wan to consider the Wi-Fi module instead as it provides all functionality of the PC software via any modern browser such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.


The WiFi module was introduced in early 2021 and provides complete control and monitoring functionality for your REC BMS. It connects to your BMS using the RS485 network and spports connection to multiple BMS's on that network, one at a time. There is a built in SIM card for datalogging and trending as well as a screen driven Opto relay for remotely controlling other systems such as lighting or even remote BMS enable/disable. It supports both AP and STA internet formats using any industry standard browser such as Safari, Chrome, FireFox, etc. It functionally completely replaces the need for the PC software as you can both configure and monitor your BMS from your browser.


Electrical Acessories


The Bi-stable latching relay module is used in applications where you have a drive open/drive closed contactor. The advantages of this configuration are that once the contactor has been switched to voltage can be removed and it will maintain its last position, eliminating parasitic load on your battery bank. The disadvantage is that you do not have a fail-safe condition. When power is removed the system will not inherently shut down. instead we prefer to use the Tyco KiloVac sealed EV200 series Power relay/contactors with a built in economizer circuit.


High input capacitance systems such as inverters, dc-dc converters, etc. can be exposed to large inrush currents during the initial power up procedure. If appropriate measures are not employed, these currents can overly stress or even damage the system components. The pre-charge unit eliminates high inrush currents by charging the input capacitor before the main contactor switches on, prolonging lifespan of the contactor and other components dramatically.


The Tyco EV series relay/contactors are market leaders in providing high voltage, high current sealed fail-safe DC power switching. Using a special Ecomomizer circuit they pull in the contact hard and fast to reduce arcing, then switch to a milli-amp holding current which minimizes parasitic load and heat. Available for 12 and 24V systems or 48v systems.

Current Sensor Shunts

In a BMS system accurate current mesurement is important as this data is used to calcluate the SOC(State of Charge) and monitor over-current situations. When selecting your shunt you need to consider you maximum expected current draw and go a bit higher. If you make it too big you will compromise accuracy, and too small you risk damaging your BMS current sending input circuitry. There are several ranges available, with 500A/50mA being the most common.