The REC 2Q is the next step in the REC BMS evolution.  Don’t trust your safety and expensive battery system to a cheap or repurposed BMS!

This professional  grade BMS now supports 3 Outputs, 2 of which are customer configurable using the Wifi module.  Prewired harnesses make the installation much faster.  A new processor and more memory allow for more future control functionality and now includes a built in Precharge circuit. As part of the new “Smart” charging and control philosophy it supports many of the popular CANBus inverter and charger interfaces as well as EVSE for EV charger interfaces.

Features include:

  • 4-16 cells connections (12 – 68 V system)

  • up to 5,000AH systems when using quality matched cells

  • up to 4 digital temperature sensors DS18B20

  • single cell voltage measurement (0.1 – 5.0 V, resolution 1 mV)

  • single cell – under/over voltage protection

  • single cell internal resistance measurement

  • SOC and SOH calculation

  • over temperature protection

  • under temperature charging protection

  • 4 Ω passive cell balancing with temperature protection

  • shunt current measurement (resolution 19.5 mA @ ± 500 A)

  • two galvanically isolated user defined multi-purpose digital output

  • internal DC opto-relay output

  • galvanically isolated RS-485 communication (in and out port with enable)

  • CAN communication

  • error LED + buzzer indicator

  • PC user interface/Wi-Fi for changing the settings and data-logging (optional accessory)

  • Remote ON/OFF

  • Control pilot (CP) for EVSE

  • Integrated 25 Ohm Pre-charge circuitry with adjustable time delay

  • Integrated RTC (Real Time Clock)with last 7 errors onboard logging.

  • ISO16315, ISO10133, EN61558-1, EN61558-2 and EN50498 compliant