REC BMS WIFI module firmware update 1.6 now Released

Just released! Firmware update 1.6 includes a couple of new user features but really improves the stability of the LCD module communications. Download it and the updated manual from here:

REC Wifi Module Update 1.5.8

REC has now released its latest software update for the REC BMS WiFi module.  There are versions for both the 1.2 and 2.0 boards so check the “Firmware” page before downloading. The files are located here on the REC North America Site: And a quick video tutorial can be found here: Update Notes […]

REC BMS updated Inverter Support List

REC is continually adding new CANBus inverter support. They are also committed to extending that support, so if you have a CANBus enabled inverter and can get a hold of the PGN and protocol for interfacing please get back to us about including your inverter in the growing list. REC does not support RS485 integration […]

All new drawings files are now available

We have added several new configurations to our sample sketches and updated many so make sure you grab the latest version when designing your system. Remember, these are samples only and in no way supersede good wiring practices or the Manufacturers manuals. Use at your own risk.

New schematics design tool libraries

To help our dealers and customers design their electrical diagrams we have created a set of libraries and examples for use with an online tool called Check out the downloads and Tutorials sections for details

REC North America is born

In June 2021 REC has landed in North America! Warehousing and distribution is now in place and our shelves are filling up. New dealers are coming on board and we are gearing up for a growing market as the Off Grid and Marine industries adopt new battery technologies.