Nissan Leaf Cell pack Wiring Diagram now available for download

With many Nissan Leaf cell packs hitting the market, we have had quite few customers using the REC-2Q BMS in combination with Victron, Sunny and many other inverters for backup, off grid, RV and marine applications. The 6.6V packs make it look a bit intimidating so we have created a couple of sample wiring diagrams […]

Active BMS Firmware update 2.9.2

REC has just released firmware update 2.9.2 for the 12V Active BMS. REC Active 2.9.2 BMS release Notes 2.9.2-1.bin (one main relay/contactor)2.9.0-2.bin (two relay/contactors, with separate OV UV trip functions) For split bus systems only

REC 2Q Firmware update now available

REC has just identified an issue with the standalone 2Q and have issued an update: Firmware update link: Thanks! Rick From REC: Dear Customers We have found a software bug on the new stand-alone 2Q BMS units. In case of error 10 (wrong cell measurement – below/above normal )  above normal the BMS still […]

REC 2Q new sketches now added to our Downloads

You can now find sample wiring diagrams in our Downloads section, with both PDF and Drawio xml versions available for download. Both 2Q standalone and Master/Slave samples are now available

2Q Firmware 1.36 update

An issue was found that when the BMS was in an error10 condition, it would still try to balance the cells. This has been corrected in this release and can be downloaded from here:

REC 2Q is now available in North America

Introducing the REC 2Q Series 5-16S professional grade BMS The REC 2Q is the next step in the REC BMS evolution. Don’t trust your safety and expensive battery system to a cheap or repurposed BMS! Designed for medium to high capacity off grid, marine, RV and ESS applicationsIncorporates new ADC hardware for even more precise […]